Hammurabi of Babylon

  Many people have heard of Hammurabi and his famous "law code," but not many people know much about this ancient ruler. If you do not know much about him, don't worry. Even in Washington D.C, they may have gotten the wrong picture. Literally. Depicted on the walls of the House Chamber was supposed to … Continue reading Hammurabi of Babylon

Attila the Hun

 Attila the Hun is renowned as being the brutal barbarian king of the Huns. The famed tribe from the Disney movie Mulan. Okay, maybe that isn't the most realistic movie concerning the Huns, considering they were never in China(at least not by that name). Everyone knows Attila was a vicious, brutal barbarian. Right? Well maybe … Continue reading Attila the Hun

Starting at the Beginning: Herodotus

Who better to start off a blog on history than the so called "father of history." Some have called Herodotus the first historian, but others have called him the first liar. Historians still debate the authenticity of his works, but, even so, he made a huge impact on the writing of history. He changed the … Continue reading Starting at the Beginning: Herodotus